Access the internet of competencies.

CaSS provides a robust common language and translation method for competencies, evidence of attainment, and associated resources.

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Competency and Skills System (CaSS)

Translate and exchange competencies between systems

Reliably make sense of talent data stored in diverse systems created by different organizations, for different purposes, and with different structures.

Access the internet of competencies

Define and share competencies using global identifiers accessible from any system anytime. Plug-in using simple APIs and route learning and training based on competencies.

Discover resources

Find resources to support your competencies and frameworks and use alignments to discover learning resources. CaSS supports a wide variety of resources including courses, assessments, books, games, and more.

Security at all levels

Built with security from the ground up. Customizable controls for who can view, access, and edit competencies.

Support competency-based training, credentialing, and career management

Securely store and access competency-based profiles, transcripts, badges, credentials, and more. Support better hiring and better pedagogy.

Import and export competencies in standard formats, as linked data

Effortless integration with learning management systems and data sources such as O*NET using our simple APIs. Import and export competencies in a variety of commonly used formats.

Build on a stable platform

Develop with confidence using scalable, robust, and tested infrastructure. Reference code that makes developers’ lives easy.

Transition NOW to competency-based education, training, and credentialing!

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